Lemon Girl Tale

  The King of a small and cute country living in ancient times was such a good person that he was loved by everyone. He always went to the people, listened to their problems and found a solution immediately. The king also had a young and handsome son who was constantly dealing with others and never gave up on this habit. Although the King and Queen, who were aware of the situation of their son, gave him constant advice to behave well and help others, the Prince did not listen to either his mother or father. One day, Prince, who left the palace by riding his horse, went to the depths of the forest. When there is no water left to drink after walking around for a long time. He started to ride his horse towards a village he came across to fill his water canteen. Reaching the village in a short time, ┼×ehzade went towards the fountain in the village square. Although she saw that there were people waiting in line in front of the fountain, the Prince who went to the front without ge